398th Bomb Group Publication


Below are selected articles from the 1988 398th Bomb Group publication Remembrances by Allen Ostrom. Mr. Ostrom, a former Tail Gunner with the 398th Bomb Group, 603rd Squadron is an avid 398th researcher and has been editor of the 398th Flak News for over 20 years. More Remembrances articles will be added as volunteers are available to transcribe. Copies of Remembrances are available in the 398th PX.

  1. It Was a Fortress Coming Home by Allen Ostrom
  2. MACR: Missing Air Crew Reports - Documents Reveal Many Grim Stories by Allen Ostrom
  3. Merseburg...Dreaded Merseburg by Allen Ostrom
  4. The Saga of Shady Lady by Allen Ostrom