398th Bomb Group PX

Welcome to the 398th Bomb Group Memorial Association PX. Our PX has been in operation for many years and is always available at our 398th Annual Reunions. At this time, there is no capability to order on-line. Members and non-members may purchase items. Non-members may wish to explore 398th Membership.

Steps in the Ordering Process

  1. Review the items in our 398th Bomb Group PX below. Links provide photos and/or additional information.
  2. Download our single page 398th PX Order Form (print the pdf form, fill out and mail)
  3. Select your items, indicated quantity, and size if needed.
  4. Review Payment option below. Check should be payable to: 398th Bomb Group PX.
  5. Mail form to Carolyn Widmann; address is on the 398th PX Order Form.
  6. If you have any questions about an item, please contact Carolyn Widmann, our 398th PX Manager.

Payment 0ptions

The PX is only able to accept payment using USA funds in the form of check, money order, travelers check, or cash. If sending cash, please use registered mail. We are unable to offer an electronic payment account option (such as credit card, PayPal, Ebay, etc.).

Thanks for Shopping at our 398th PX.

Inventory last updated: October 2018.


398th Bomb Group PX - Items for Purchase
Unit Cost
  T-Shirt, black, "398th BG Flying Fortress" _S _M _L _XL _XXL $15.00  
  T-Shirt, navy, with B-17 front view _S _M _L _XL _XXL $15.00  
  T-Shirt, white, with Triangle W on front, "Clearing and Colder" picture on back. _S _M _L _XL _XXL $15.00  
  T-Shirt, white, with Group logo on front, Squadron logo on back. Select: ___600, ___601, ___602, ___603 _S _M _L _XL _XXL $25.00  
  Men's Denim Shirt, long sleeve: "398th Bomb Group, Nuthampstead, England 1944-1945" _S _M _L _XL _XXL $25.00  
  Mens Golf Shirt, coastal blue, embroidered 'Triangle W'
  Squadron Pins _600, _601, _602, _603 $7.00  
  Group pin (Hell from Heaven)   $7.00  
  Group pin (blue with B-17)   $7.00  
  8th Air Force Pin   $7.00  
  Silver B-17 Pin   $5.00  
  Cadet Pin   $5.00  
  Ellworth AFB, Rapid City, SD, 70th Anniversary Pin   $40.00  
  398th "Hell From Heaven" with B-17 square pin   $4.00  
  Squadron Patch (round 3" diameter)
View Patches: 600 601 602 603
_600_601_602_603 $7.00  
  B-17 Jacket Patch (rectangular 4" x 3")   $7.00  
  8th Air Force Patch (round 3" diameter)   $7.00  
  Group Patch (Hell from Heaven) (2.5" x 3")   $7.00  
(Books, CDs, DVDs include postage)
  Fortresses Over Nuthampstead (Bishop) $30.00  
  The History of the 398th Bombardment Group (H) (1946, Photo Copy) $20.00  
  C-Lager (Dorfmeier) $20.00  
  Mission Memories (Ibeling) $8.00  
  Return to Sation 131 - Memorial Dedication June 2000 (DVD) $20.00  
  398th BG "Remembrances" (Ostrom) $50.00  
  "Clearing and Colder" (14" x 17") Canvas Print $50.00  
  Bumper Sticker (red, white and black) $4.00  
  50 Caliber Bullet Pen (Group logo) A unique pen made from a 50 caliber shell casing and old pine from Station 131, Nuthampstead, England. $40.00  
  B-17 Scale Model (12.5 in x 9 in) This model is super easy to assemble and looks great!! $17.00  
  Blue Ballpoint Pen (398th imprint) $7.00  
  Coaster (Clearing & Colder imprint)   $6.00  
  Earrings - clip (Group logo)   $11.00  
  Earrings - pierced (Group logo)   $11.00  
  Notecards - B-17 Flying Fortress - (set of 10)   $11.00  
FLAK NEWS Flash Drive
  All of the wonderful FLAK NEWS newsletters from August 1986 through July 2012 available on one handy flash drive! $40.00  
Subtotal of Items Ordered
Postage add $7. (If order is over $20, add $9)


  1. The PX is only able to accept payment using USA funds in the form of check, money order, travelers check, or cash.
  2. Please make check payment (USA funds) payable to: 398th Bomb Group PX
  3. If sending cash, please use registered mail.
  4. We are unable to offer an electronic payment account option (such as credit card, PayPal, Ebay, etc.). 
  5. Any questions please contact: Carolyn Widmann, 398th PX manager, or by phone at 586-770-4747.
  6. Mail payment and completed form to: Carolyn Widmann, 6420 Tuscan Road, Paducah, KY 42001-6135
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