398th Photo Collections

This page is an index to various 398th Photo Collections. Some selections are still in their initial stages and may only contain a few photos at the present time. Geoff Rice, our 398th Photo Historian is always interested in new or additional photos and thus he's begun the 398th Photo Collection Project.

398th Photo Collections by Category

  1. Identified Crew Photos
  2. Unidentified Crew Photos
  3. B-17 Aircraft Photos
  4. B-17 Nose and Engine Art Photos
  5. Unidentified B-17 Nose and Engine Art Photos
  6. B-17 Crashed and Damaged Aircraft Photos
  7. Other Aircraft Photo'd by the 398th
  8. Training Photos
  9. Getting to Nuthampstead Photos
  10. Nuthampstead Air Base Photos
  11. R&R Photos
  12. Mission Maps and Target Photos
  13. Return to the USA Photos
  14. Identification Logos
  15. Clothing, Uniforms and Gear Photos
  16. 398th Aluminum Overcast Photo Collection

Some 398th Veteran and Archive Photo Collections

  1. 398th Preservation Project at HALS Photos
  2. Jordan Photo CD Collection
  3. Rudrud Photo CD Collection
  4. Welty Photo Collection

398th Reunion and Tour Collections

  1. Reunion and Tour Photos