Links to Other Web Sites

As follows are links to web sites other than the 398th site. These sites contain topics of additional interest on the Army Air Force, Aviation, B-17s, and other 8th Air Force Groups. Click categories at left.


  1. Hertsfordshire and Local Studies Archive (HALS) - 398th Bomb Group Archive
  2. Penn State Libraries: The Eighth Air Force Archive donors Sherry Petska Middlemas and George Middlemas Jr. established the Albert M. Petska Libraries Endowment to honor the memory of their fathers, both Air Force veterans. Albert M. Petska served in the 8th Air Force. The 398th has contributed material.
  3. Panzer Museum: Captured German Records of World War Two
  4. US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
  5. US National Archives at College Park (aka National Archives II) Some 398th records, Missing A/C reports, still photo collection
  6. US National Archives and Records Administration - Research Catalog Searchable on-line records. Includes WWII Casualty Lists.
  7. US National Archives and Records Administration - Veteran's Records

Army Air Force Web Pages

  1. The United States Army Air Forces in W.W.II Provides links to other World War II Army Air Force Groups and Squadrons.
  2. Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA)
  3. Air Force History
  4. Army Air Corps - Army Air Forces Historical Association
  5. U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II: Combat Chronology 1941-1945 Short synopsis of daily mission activities.
  6. Retiree and Veteran Information of Awards and Decoration
  7. USAAS-USAAC-USAAF-USAF Serial Numbers--1908 to Present Provides information about A/C Serial Numbers and contains a list of some A/C numbers.

B-17 Aircraft Sites

  1. B-17 and B-24 Photos Information on Flying Fortress Liberator Ploesti Schweinfurt missions Author was with the 91st.
  2. B-17 Flying Fortress - History and Specs of Boeing's WW2 Bomber
  3. B-17 Flying Fortress - Queen of the Skies

8th Air Force Bomb Groups and Fighter Wings

Structure and names are for the period 13 Sep 1943 to 31 Dec 1944, specifically around July 1944, with thanks to Cliff Bishop's book, Fortresses over Nuthampstead, page 16 and Wikipedia. Structure and names of Divisions and Wings was different prior to 13 Sep 1943 and in 1945. See Eighth Air Force - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

1st Bombardment Division - Brampton Grange - B-17 Flying Fortresses, in 1945 1st Air Division

  1. The First Combat Wing - Bassingbourn
    1. 91st Bomb Group - Bassingbourn
    2. 381st Bomb Group - Ridgewell
    3. 398th Bomb Group - Nuthampstead
  2. 40th Combat Wing - Thurleigh
    1. 92nd Bomb Group - Podington
    2. 305th Bomb Group - Chelveston
    3. 306th Bomb Group - Thurleigh
  3. 41st Combat Wing - Molesworth
    1. 303rd Bomb Group - Molesworth
    2. 379th Bomb Group - Kimbolton
    3. 384th Bomb Group - Grafton Underwood
  4. 94th Combat Wing - Polebrook
    1. 351st Bomb Group - Polebrook
    2. 401st Bomb Group - Deenethorpe
    3. 457th Bomb Group - Glatton
  5. 67th Fighter Group Wing - Walcot Hall - 20th, 32d, 356th, 359th, 364th Fighter Groups

2nd Bombardment Division - Kettering Hall - B-24 Liberator

  1. 2nd, 14th, 20th, 95th, and 9th Combat Wings
  2. 65th Fighter Wing - Saffron Walden -4th, 56th, 355th, 361st, 479th Fighter Groups

3rd Bombardment Division - Elveden Hall - B-17 Flying Fortresses

  1. 4th Combat Wing - Bury St. Edmunds
    1. 94th Bomb Group - St. Edmunds
    2. 385th Bomb Group - Great Ashfield
    3. 447th Bomb Group - Rattlesden
  2. 13th Combat Wing - Horham
    1. 95th Bomb Group - Horham
    2. 100th Bomb Group - Thorpe Abbots
    3. 390th Bomb Group - Framlingham
  3. 45th Combat Wing - Snetterton Heath
    1. 96th Bomb Group - Snetterton Heath
    2. 388th Bomb Group - Knettishall
    3. 452nd Bomb Group - Deopham Green
  4. 92nd Combat Wing - Sudbury
    1. 486th Bomb Group - Sudbury
    2. 487th Bomb Group - Lavenham
  5. 93rd Combat Wing - Mendlesham
    1. 34th Bomb Group - Mendlesham
    2. 490th Bomb Group - Eye
    3. 493rd Bomb Group - Debach
  6. 66th Fighter Group - Sawston Hall - 55th, 78th, 339th, 353rd, 357th Fighter Groups


8th Air Force Historical Societies

  1. Virginia Chapter


  1. Allied WWII Casualties in The Netherlands Remembered by Stevin Oudshoorn documents the lives of those who are buried or died on Dutch soil during WWII. Use 398th as the search word to find our veterans that have been added so far.


Crash Sites

  1. 8th USAF Aircrafts downed in France 1942-1945
    1. First click Demonstration in lower left hand corner
    2. Click Research button in lower right corner
    3. Enter search criterea, such as "Weekley" into the Crewmember field
    4. Click "Go", then touch return Record Number in Results window. In the Weekley case, Record 670.
  2. Aircraft MIA Project A group that collects information on aircraft that crashed or landed in modern Polish territory during the WWII. Of the cities they mention so far the 398th was only on the 29 May 1944 to Posen, now named Poznan.
  3. Crash Sites in Saarland and its neighboring areas in the northeast and east that lie in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz. Saarland is a state in western Germany, on the border with France; capital, Saarbrücken. No 398th crashes listed as of 2010.

Experimental Aircraft Association

  1. Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
  2. EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast History of the Aluminum Overcast
  3. EAA's "Fly the Fortress" B-17 Aluminum Overcast tours, flights, and history.
  4. Timeless Voices of Aviation Collection Oral histories page at the EAA site.
  5. EAA's Interactive Tour of a B-17G Flying Fortress May require latest Macromedia Flash Player.
    1. In the Tour, 398th's, Bob Abresch describes the Co-Pilot position.
    2. While in the Gallery, Blackwell's crew (unidentified as such) is the 4th photo. See 398th site crew photo of Blackwell's Crew - 601st Squadron - 6 August 1944.


  1. Aérosteles: Memorials Regarding Aviation Events in France
  2. Kiernan's Crew Monument Marker West of Martin, SD


  1. Arizona Wing Commemorative Air Force The Arizona Wing in Mesa is the home of the B-17, Sentimental Journey
  2. Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum The museum is located in Pooler, Georgia.
  3. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Home Page
  4. National Air and Space Museum - Archives Collection
  5. National Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
  6. Palm Springs Air Museum
  7. Panzer Museum: Captured German Records of World War Two
  8. Yankee Air Museum The museum, located in Belleville Michigan, is the home of the B17-G, Yankee Lady

Nuthampstead and Nearby Areas

  1. Nuthampstead Airfield Research Society Focus is on the history of the Nuthampstead Airfield in particular the 55th Fighter Group and the 398th Bomb Group.
  2. Royston a Town at War A two-DVD set with the 8th AAF section taking all of disc two, the 398th segment running for approximate 20 minutes.
  3. The Woodman Inn Inn nearby the old Nuthampstead Air Field. UK Friends of the 398th gather there periodically and the 398th Memorial Association visits on their bi-annual tours A great place to stop for lunch and view the memorabilia.


  1. Imortant People of World War II
  2. WWII Aerial Reconnaissance

POW Info

  1. World War II - Prisoners of War - Stalag Luft I Contains history and collections of POW stories of Prisoner of War camps for USA Army Air Force prisoners in Germany in WWII. The site is dedicated to S/Sgt. Dick Williams, Jr., 600th Squadron, of the Gene Douglas Crew. That crew was shot down 26 November 1944 on a Mission to Misburg.

Veterans' Pages

  1. National Veterans Archives VETS® is a private veterans program that provides all veterans and their families with information about outfit reunions, helps locate old buddies and offers other special consumer benefits and services.
  2. National WWII Memorial Contains information about the memorial and access to the WWII registry.
  3. Veterans of Foreign Wars Main page for Veterans of Foreign Wars.


  1. Airventure 2009 - Editing video highlights of EAA 2009 Airshow
  2. American Experience - The Bombing of Germany - (1 hr) shown on PBS Feb 8, 2010 but made available on this link
  3. Gray Eagles Film by Chris Woods - Filmmaker and P-51 Mustang Pilot Chris Woods has put together a wonderful film that captures the emotional reunion between a humble WWII Mustang ace (Jim Brooks) and the historic plane he thought he'd never see again. (YouTube link)
  4. Station 131 Control Tower Demolition - Early 1960's - This is only known footage of the demolition. (YouTube link)

WWII Information Request via E-mail

  1. American Center, Czech Republic
  2. American Cemetery, Ardennes Belgium
  3. Archives, National College Park, MD