When the 398th Bomb Group arrived in England in April 1944 it was assigned to the 1st Air Division of the 8th Army Air Force. All aircraft in the 1st Air Division were assigned Triangles as part of their aircraft insignia.

The Air Divisions were further divided into Combat Wings and the 398th was assigned along with the 91st and 381st Bomb Groups to the 1st Combat Wing. The logo for the 1st Combat Bomb Wing is shown above, a flying eagle carrying bomb logos from the 381st, 91st, and 398th.

The 398th was also assigned the Triangle W symbol for it's aircraft insignia; while the 91st was assigned theTriangle A and the 381st with a Triangle L.


  1. Photo Reference No: First Combat Wing CD 01
  2. Information compiled by the 398th web team with thanks to Gordon Alton, son of a veteran of the 91st Bomb Group Veteran and author of "A Diary of the First Combat Wing".
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