Information about this photograph:

  1. Aircraft No: 43-37527
  2. Tail Letter: X
  3. Fuselage ID: N7-X
  4. Group/Squadron: 398th, 603rd
  5. Official Name of Aircraft: The Prowler
  6. Date of Photograph: 6 July 1944
  7. Photo Location: RAF Penshurst Kent
  8. Crew at time of Photograph: Sleaman Crew
  9. Final Disposition of A/C: Crashed 6th July 1944 at RAF Penshurst Kent, Sleaman Crew
  10. Interpretive Comments: This B-17 crashed in England after a 398th mission to Cauchie D'Ecques, France.
  11. Related Information: Additional information about this crash can be found in the Veteran's Personal History Section, 603rd Squadron: The Sixth Mission by Jim Haas, Bombardier.

See also:

  1. James R. Haas, 398th Bombardier - 603rd Squadron Video Interview (1 h 1m 54s)

The Sleaman Crew at the time of the crash:

  1. 2nd Lt. Harry Sleaman, Pilot
  2. 2nd Lt. Leonard Waring, Co-pilot
  3. T/Sgt. Elwood Davis, Engineer

Before the crash, these Sleaman Crew members bailed out in England :

  1. John Allare, Navigator
  2. James Haas, Bombardier
  3. T/Sgt. Elwood Davis, Engineer
  4. Lorjo Gennaro, Radio Operator
  5. Vern Kling, Ball Turret
  6. Leon Weber, Waist Gunner
  7. Harley Roark, Waist Gunner
  8. Robert Adkins, tail gunner.

Source Information:

  1. Photo Source: The Geoff Rice Photo Collection
  2. Photo Reference:
  3. Photographer: Unknown
  4. Information compiled by the 398th Web team with special thanks to Geoff Rice and James Haas.
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