398th Monuments


As follows are 398th and 398th crew related monuments. 398th Monuments have been dedicated to the whole 398th, the most famous of which is the monument at the old airbase in Nuthampstead, but there are a number the 398th Memorial Assocation has established at various venues. 398th Crew related monuments have have been lovingly conceived, funded, built and maintained by small numbers of local people who witnessed a crash or who saw or knew members of bailed out 398th crew during WWII. Our list at this time is only beginning.

  1. The 398th Nuthampstead Memorial Monument
  2. The 398th Window at Anstey Church - June 2000
  1. The 398th Memorial at Savannah Reunion - September 2000
  2. National Museum of the US Airforce in Dayton - Tree
  3. National Museum of US Air Force in Dayton - 398th Control Tower Brick
  4. Kiernan's Crew Monument Marker West of Martin, SD
  1. Cornebarrieu Monument for Harold Gnesin, Bombardier, Godwin Crew - 25 June 1944 - via Aérosteles
  2. Ségrie-Fontaine Monument for 2nd Lt. Charles Arnold - Bombardier, S/Sgt. James F. Hochadel - Ball Turret Gunner and the Hopkins Crew - 8 August 1944 via Aérosteles
  3. Shady Lady Monument at Ley dedicated to the Wade Crew.
  4. Shady Lady Monument at Rechicourt Le Chateau dedicated to the three men killed in the Wade Crew.
  5. Aérosteles: Memorials Regarding Aviation Events in France
  1. Merseburg - Memorial Tree
  2. Neuss - Memorial Tree
  1. Monument at Slany
  1. A Legacy: The Trees of the 398th