398th Web Site



Annual Visits to the 398th Web Site

  1. 2003 398th Site Visits: 33,823
  2. 2004 398th Site Visits: 41,856
  3. 2005 398th Site Visits: 59,150
  4. 2006 398th Site Visits: 109,965
  5. 2007 398th Site Visits: 116,302
  6. 2008 398th Site Visits: 126,558
  7. 2009 398th Site Visits: 211,336
  8. 2010 398th Site Visits: 171,106
  9. 2011 398th Site Visits: 160,513
  10. 2012 398th Site Visits: 264,521
  11. 2013 398th Site Visits: 263,179

Cumulative Visits to the 398th Web Site

  1. Cumulative Total 398th Site Visits (2003 - Dec. 31, 2013) : 1,558,309

Interpretation of Web Statistics

  1. Visits: If a visitor visits the our site once a day for 30 days, then 30 visits are recorded. If the same visitor returns to the site after leaving and returns again within 30 minutes this is not recorded as a new visit.
  2. Pages: If a visitor views four pages in one visit; then four pages view are recorded.
  3. KBytes: The amount of data transferred from our website to the visitor. If a visitor views a page with a 100K picture, then 100 KBytes are transferred to their computer.
  4. Hits: Requests to our Server whether or not it was a good address.
  5. Files: Hits resulting in something sent back. If a page has text and two photos, then three files are sent back. The same is true for hits. However, if the file is cached on the visitors machine, no file is sent back.
  6. Detailed Interpretation of Web Statistics