398th Bomb Group

Lt. Robert J. Beckley's Diary
Navigator, 600th/601st Squadron

Beckley's Mission No.

22 September 1944
Tiger Tank Works, Kassel, Germany

No. 17. Kassel, September 22, 1944:

7 hours 30 minutes flying time.

Bomb load 6, five-hundred pound GP bombs and 6, five-hundred pound IB.

Our target was the Tiger Tank Works (a pre-war Ford plant). No results were observed because of solid cloud coverage. There was heavy flak, but we got through untouched. The lead navigator was off course at the IP and took us over the town of Frankfurt.

  • Lt. Robert J. Beckley was the Navigator for the Linn R. Rogers crew.
  • The above transcription was provided by Ann Collins, daughter of Phillip Collins, Ball Turret Gunner on the 601st Saul Marias Crew.
  • This transcription is a reproduction of the original. Spelling and punctuation changes have been made to improve readability. In some circumstances, material may not have been transcribed or was rewritten.
  • Clarification of acronyms or special words or guesses of certain words are shown in brackets [ ].

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